Unbranded Feb 25, 2013 video claim of Moulin-Fournier kidnapping (above) and Abubakar Shekau March 1, 2013 video screenshots (below)
March 15, 2013 split-screen video with Shekau and French family (above) and March 18, 2013 video clips of Boko Haram and French family
Shekau April 18, 2013 video on ghanima and extortion (above) with translation (below)
April 18, 2013 training video (above) and shooting practice video (below)
April 29, 2013 Monguno barracks raid video claim (unbranded)
May 13, 2013 claim of attacks in Baga and Bama and abducting women
May 29, 2013 split-screen video with Shekau and spoils of war
July 14, 2013 video after Yobe school killings
August 12, 2013 claim of attack in Baga
September 27, 2013 claim of Benisheikh attack
November 4, 2013 claim of Damatru attack
December 12, 2013 claim of Maiduguri airbase attack (above) and burning (below)
February 20, 2014 video claiming assassination of Shaykh Albani
March 26, 2014 video claim of Giwa Barracks attack with Shekau (above) and the attack itself (below)